360 VIDEO PRANK SHOCK💥😜 JOKER Spiderman & Frozen Elsa, 👸CATWOMAN, HULK BEST Movie In Real Life 4K

Hello guys, ready for an adventure in video 360 with much shock in the ass?! 🙂
In the adventure virtual reality of today, the Joker will leave the super-heroes with the hairs standing! 😜

Joker, the villain of the video VR, left the chair massage of super-heroes with a super shock! 💥
Hulk is the number one that it took a super shock, sat in the chair and wanted to make a relaxing massage, the Joker has a Ghost Prank and gave a shock in the butt superheroes 360.After the great shock, the Hulk goes away and then enters a catwoman, with all her charm and beauty, she sits in the chair for a relaxing massage.
Without knowing anything, our beautiful princess, Frozen Elsa, wants to sleep and win a massage, then the massage chair started to shoot the various shocks on the princess, who ran off. 😬

The spiderman 360 did not escape the Pranks! After you confront the villains in irl 360 video , came home and wanted to relax in his massage chair. But was surprised with the PRANK SHOCK! 😂💥

Spider is fast and strong, he found the Joker and fought him. Spider manages to play the Joker in the chair, and the joker takes a great shock!!!! 💪😍😜

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