Hi my cute, 😍
You know how to play blindman’s bluff?
This challenge will be very 360 funny! 😍😂
Super-heroes 360 are gathered together into a great fun, the villain the Joker is the blind man’s buff.
Blind man’s buff w/ spiderman And Hulk vs Joker
Spiderman and Frozen Elsa, Hulk and Catwoman are running from the Joker! 😂😜
This Prank is to let the superheroes happy, Joker this blind man’s buff and can’t hold anyone.😬
The Disney Princess Frozen Elsa, love this prank!
When all the superheroes are running a lot, Joker finally manages to reach the Spider! 😋
Now blind man’s buff is the Spider!

Liked the challenge blind man’s buff?! 😂

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